Thursday, June 22, 2017

Comfort Reads

I've seen a lot of references in blogs and articles to the experience of "comfort reading," and I wanted to pay tribute to some of the authors who have written books that brought me the most joy, peace, and comfort. They haven't all been escapist books by any means, although they have often taken me to another world and set me dreaming.  One of the earliest to grip my imagination and hold it through multiple readings was the classic, The Secret Garden. Its combination of mystery, nature, hope for individual positive change and restoration, strong story line and unforgettable characters hooked me for good.

Authors I always turned to include Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Agatha Christie. I devoured Jane Eyre and Catherine Marshall's Christie, different as they may be. For humor I can't get enough of Wodehouse,  Rex Stout, Douglas Adams or The Irish R.M. 

There are plenty of fine writers now, and I keep looking for comfort books that fill my imagination as well as bringing relaxation.  Not sure any can match the classics I've always loved, but it's fun to keep looking.

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