Saturday, March 18, 2017


I love to travel. Some of my best memories are of seeing a famous site for the first time. It doesn't matter how good the photography is; nothing compares to the physical reality of a cathedral or castle. Nothing captures the freshness of a breeze on a mountainside or that feel of hot sand under your feet. There's nothing like really being there.

I'm planning travel for the coming months, when airports aren't likely to be closed by blizzards. Planning isn't so much fun; I just have to pray that I've picked the right day to fly, the right week to be away from home. Truthfully, I cover all trips in prayer, from the planning stage to every individual choice while I'm traveling.  I pray a lot for safety beforehand, and because God has been so good to me, I pray a lot of thanks and adoration as the trip becomes an amazing reality. I've learned from travel that it pays to plan, but not to worry. The things you fear generally don't happen, and if something unexpected does occur, God gets you through.

Now, my cats don't travel.  But they forgive me for going. And they try to send a little fur with me to remember them by.

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