Thursday, February 16, 2017

When God's "No" is the Right Answer

Writers hate rejection. Well, everyone does, but sometimes we writers think we feel it especially hard.

I've developed some projects I thought were fully ready for publication, only to get a polite refusal or even the dreaded black hole of non-response:  "If you don't hear back in three months..."

And yet, with both of these projects, "No" was the right answer. Recently I've been getting great ideas for revision, and I'm actually enjoying the process. I may never earn a "yes", but I'm getting the pleasure of finding new ideas and new energy.  I've become grateful for the "no's" because I wouldn't want to publish anything better than my best work.

I don't even want to admit the "no's" from God that stopped me from making mistakes much bigger than a mediocre publication. I don't want to talk about them, but I'm grateful to God.

When has "no" been the right answer for you?

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