Thursday, January 26, 2017

There are so many amazing individuals and groups in the world working to bring love, healing, education and hope to those struggling in terrible conditions.  I know that I could never deliver medical help to people suffering from malaria, teach in a crumbling school, help rebuild a town after a hurricane, or rescue refugees from a capsized boat.  But I do try to find ways to "hold up the arms" of those doing this.
My inspiration is the story from Exodus 17: 8-13.  The Israelites have been wandering in the desert under the leadership of Moses.  The Amalekites attack them, and Moses goes up to the top of a hill with his staff, the one used at the parting of the Red Sea.  As long as Moses holds up his staff, the Israelites are winning the battle.  But when, in fatigue, Moses lowers his arms, the tide of battle turns in favor of the Amalekites.  Two of Moses's followers, Aaron and Hur, sit him down on a rock and, one on each side, they hold up his arms. With their support, the Israelites are victorious.
There are many agencies, church groups and causes that support those in need throughout our country and the world. A simple, cost-free way to contribute to this work is to click on From there you can also find other "Greater Good" sites that support research and work on autism, breast cancer, veterans, diabetes, Alzheimer's, animal welfare, literacy, and the environment.
Your prayers can also lift up someone's arms.  I invite you to remember first responders, teachers or any individuals you know who are caring for others and might need prayerful support to "hold up their arms."

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