Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sometimes I write out prayers, so that I can slow down and think about what I am praying and hear direction as to how I should pray.  Here is one that I wrote in January:

Beloved God, it is a joy to know that you exist and that your strength, wisdom and love are available to us if we can just open ourselves to receive you. It is my heart's delight to know that the power at the center of the universe is good, omniscient, and faithful. When I think of who you really are, I can't help but have hope, even for this world, because you care for it. Despite whatever I may see, I can be encouraged, because the ultimate power, the final decision-maker is merciful, gracious and kind. Thank you for calling me to you; help me always to grow closer to you.  In the name of Jesus, who did everything possible to reveal your heart to us, Amen.

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